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Financial Coaching

TRANSFORM your finances.
UNLOCK financial freedom. BUILD your le


Join us on the journey to Generational Wealth through


Multigenerational Family

Is financial stress weighing you down?


Are you struggling to have control over where your money goes?

Do you find yourself exhausted from working hard,

but still unable to afford the things you desire?

We're here to help you shift your money mindset, gain financial clarity,

conquer debt, and build lasting wealth!

Your Path to Financial Freedom Starts Here!

Welcome to Journey To Generational Wealth, where our MISSION
is to empower BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color)
communities with financial literacy, providing the guidance to
secure their financial future and set forth on the path to generational wealth.

We ENVISION a world where every member of the BIPOC
community possesses the knowledge and resources needed to
build enduring generational wealth, leaving behind a legacy of
prosperity for future generations.

Professional Woman of Color, you are the HEART of your family and likely the breadwinner in your home. It is imperative that you manage your finances effectively so you are able to achieve your financial goals, stability, security and change the trajectory of your families financial future.
Generational Wealth starts with you! 


Emergency Fund Savings


Planned Debt Payoff


Interest Saved

Client Results From Our
Personalized Financial Strategies

Avg. Payment Months Decreased


Avg. Credit Score Increase in 30 days


Client Results as of May 2024

A. Anderson

"Since working with Laura, I feel much better about my finances than I did before we started. I have a better understanding of what I’m doing with my money. I now have plans in place to achieve my financial goals. I’m no longer stressing over my finances as much."



Free Printables

Discover Your Path to Financial Success with Our Custom Printables!

Empower your financial journey by selecting from our collection of exclusive printables. Click the image that resonates with your goals, fill out the form, and receive your tailored printable directly in your inbox.


These complimentary resources are crafted to enhance the main instructional pages offered in The Struggle Is Over: Financial Journal sold in our store and on Amazon. Seize your free tools and begin the journey to financial empowerment!

Money Mantra/Financial Vision Statement Printable
Dream Big Goal Setting Printable
Goal Mapping Printable
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