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Financial Coaching

TRANSFORM your finances.
UNLOCK financial freedom. BUILD your le


Join us on the journey to Generational Wealth through


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Welcome to your Financial Coaching

Journey To Generational Wealth. 

Below you will find the path to start your journey.

Let's get your financial transformation started today!  


Begin your financial journey with a 30-minute Consultation. Connect with Financial Coach Laura to discuss your financial goals, and challenges, and explore how our coaching services can benefit you.



Share your financial aspirations and concerns.


Ensure a good fit for your unique journey.


Schedule a comprehensive Financial Strategy Session.

Bonus: Financial Wellness Checklist (Downloadable)

Bonus: Guide To Save $1,000 by Christmas (Downloadable)

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Financial Strategy Session)



Chart Your Financial Course

Unlock your financial potential with our 2-hour Financial Strategy Session. This session is designed to understand your financial landscape, create a personalized action plan, and set you on the path to financial success.


Pre-Work Preparation

Complete detailed pre-work to gather key information about your goals.

Personalized Action Plan

Laura reviews your pre-work, crafts a personalized action plan, and discusses it with you during the session.

Comprehensive Discussion

Dive into your financial situation, get insights, and decide on the next steps.

Next Steps Decision

Together, we'll decide on the best path forward, aligning with your goals.

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($500 value)


Wait There's More

To view the Financial Coaching Programs and Additional Service offerings please click the buttons below or navigate through the subtabs.

Let's get your financial transformation started today!  

  • What is a financial coach?
    A financial coach helps you create healthy financial habits and goals. Ranging from daily money management to mapping out longer-term goals. I can help you identify the problem areas in your finances and develop strategies to overcome them.
  • How much does a financial coach cost?
    For transparency, all of my prices are listed above. There may be a variation in price if you opt for a payment plan versus paying in full for coaching programs.
  • When should I work with a financial coach?
    If you feel as though your relationship with money needs repair. If you feel like you make good money, but you can't seem to achieve your financial desires. If you don't understand your money and where it all goes. If you've tried to get your finances together before but don't feel as though anything has changed. If you know you want your children to have a better financial start but don't know how to make that happen. If you want a strategy to achieve financial stability and establish generational worth. Then click the Consultation Request button and I can help you establish better financial habits while working toward your future financial goals.
  • What is the difference between a Financial Advisor and a Financial Coach? Are you a Licensed Financial Advisor?
    Financial Advisors focus on investments and manage money for clients in the form of managing investment portfolios. A Financial Coach focuses on how to change behavior around money. I am not a licensed financial advisor.
  • How do I prepare for my coaching session?
    I will guide you through the entire process. During the consultation, we will get to know one another and briefly discuss your financial concerns. Then upon confirming your Financial Strategy Session, I will email you with clear instructions so that, you know exactly how to prepare. When you choose to continue coaching through a coaching program. You will receive homework at the end of each session. You will need to be ready to discuss your completed homework at your next coaching session.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Honeybook, if you are Paying in Full. Honebook or Stripe, if you need a Payment Plan, split equally among the months of your coaching program.* *Please note there is a 15% increase in charge for payment plan options.
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