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Quite often death comes unexpectedly. Even when it's expected we often have so many things that were left unsaid. So many new things we wish we could share. All The Things I Wish I Could Say... is a grief journal to capture everything you wish you could say to your lost loved one. There are several conversation starters included as well as several blank pages to allow you to start your own conversations. Take your time as you capture your thoughts and feelings. Cherish every moment of the time you spend thinking about and conversing with your loved one over these pages.

This is for anyone who has lost a loved one. This would be a great "Thinking of You" gift for a friend or family member grieving a loss. Grief has no timetable, so whether their loved one just passed or they passed 20 years ago. If a person is still grieving, All The Things I Wish I Could Say... is for them.

All The Things I Wish I Could Say...Grief Journal

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