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About Laura

I'm Laura, Financial Coach, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Journey To Generational Wealth, LLC.

While growing up, I was blessed to receive some financial guidance from the elders in my family. Mainly:

Everyone should be able to bury themselves when they pass

Start investing in your 401k in your 20s

Work to leave a financial legacy

Even with the financial guidance I received I still managed to make some foolish financial decisions. Especially during the transitions of life! Those decisions caused me to: 

  • Not allocate my finances effectively in my 20s and early 30s 

    • Causing me to play catch-up

  • Marry without confirming we were on the same page with our views on finances

    • Causing us to accrue debt without a plan for paying it off

  • Marry with no financial protection

    • Resulting in me being burdened with marital debt and starting over from scratch after my divorce

  • Plus even more financial foolery


As life, my career, and my salary progressed, I gained wisdom and remembered the financial guidance I received as a child. I finally got my money mindset together followed by getting my finances together. I created strategies to pay off my debt while building a solid emergency fund and investing in my future simultaneously.  


I'm a single mother by choice, so I am solely responsible for my children. While undergoing the IVF process I made the necessary preparations to ensure my children are financially sound both while I am here and once I am gone. I also took steps to establish their financial footing from birth because establishing generational wealth was and still is extremely important to me.


I share all of this to say that I was the queen of financial foolery.  But through a change in my money mindset and with determination to live financially secure and establish generational wealth. I was able to improve my finances and relieve my previous financial stress.  


After 20 years of creating and managing multi-million dollar budgets for global corporate programs and ensuring they achieved their desired outcome. I am now assisting individuals in creating and managing their personal budgets as well as helping them create healthy financial habits and goals. As a natural risk-mitigator, I can help you identify the problem areas in your finances and develop strategies to overcome them.

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If you are beginning one of the major transitions in life, starting your career, getting married, navigating post-marriage, or having children, and want to transform your finances to be on track to achieve financial stability while creating a plan to establish generational wealth.



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